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HKS Turbo Kit for RB26dett - GTIII 2530

HKS Turbo Kit for RB26dett - GTIII 2530

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This kit is NOT currently in stock in NZ but at our Warehouse with HKS, due to the massive catalogue range available - Please contact us for an ETA as we can air freight or sea freight the product into NZ, freight costs are extra!

HKS is regarded worldwide as one of the top performance parts brands in the car world. The twin turbo upgrade kit for your Nissan Skyline GT-R Rb26dett will thank you when you replace your factory turbos with these weapons. They sound amazing, go hard and look look the part with the HKS logo right in your face.

The heart of the GTIII 2530 turbine kit concept is a set of two new HKS turbines in a Paralleled twin-turbo layout. Turbos use a light compressor wheel to produce a very linear boost and might be installed as a simple turbo upgrade. The turbocharger has specially designed adjustable performance actuators that can be adjusted to initial boost pressure. With engine modifications, this kit makes it possible to reach 600ps.

- HKS Twin Turbo upgrade kit
- Adjustable actuators
- Bolt on to any Rb26dett engine
- HKS part number: 11004-AN014

Kit includes:
- Twin strengthened turbine actuators to stable boost control.
- Turbine coolant oil feed pipe and water inlet and an outlet pipeline for GTIII 2530
- Accessories: Flange, gasket, bolt, and nuts

Made to directly fit to the:

- Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, R33 GTR & R34 GT-R , Rb26dett

P.S. JDM Garage can import in any Brand New or Used HKS parts from Japan, just send us a message and we will sort you out!

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