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Auto Gauge

Depo Racing Oil Pressure Sensor - Type 1

Depo Racing Oil Pressure Sensor - Type 1

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Auto Gauge is a leading manufacturer of gauges around the world, they have a range of automotive, motorcycle and marine gauges available. Their entire catalogue can be found here and we can import in any series type or item they offer that you are after.

When you install either a oil pressure gauge you need this sensor / sender unit to be able to read the pressure from the vehicle to the gauge.

- Will suit any brands oil pressure gauges
- From Auto Gauge and Prosport Gauges will suit the Stepper Motor Series
- Suited between 0-10 BAR ( 0-150 Psi )
- 240-33 Ohms
- Screws straight into the side of your block if its the correct thread or into a oil sandwich plate.

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