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Replacement Coilover Strut Insert

Replacement Coilover Strut Insert

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Replacement Coilover Strut Insert With Dampening Adjustment

The brand of this shock insert is D2 but our shock suspension inserts fit many different branded coilovers on the market. D2 is a high quality brand known throughout USA has made its way back to New Zealand.

Key Features:
- 36-way Damping Setting in the strut
- Wide range of strut options available ( check the attached photo to see which ones closest to your current one )
- Made in Taiwan ( Same country of popular brands like BC Gold, Yellowspeed and XYZ

Furthermore D2 also offer some other amazing products found on their main website here ( Head to their Products tab )
- High quality wireless / bluetooth controlled air suspension kits ( certifiable in New Zealand ) starting from $7500.
- Massive Big Brake upgrade kits for your front and rear brakes ranging with options from 286mm-444mm rotors with 4-12pot calipers.
- Fully Customised Forged Alloy Mag Wheels

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