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Fitmint Car Cover - Toyota Chaser / Mark II JZX90/JZX100

Fitmint Car Cover - Toyota Chaser / Mark II JZX90/JZX100

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Designed specifically to suit the unique body lines of your Toyota JZX90 / JZX100 Chassis’s, these are the perfect solution to keep your pride and joy protected whilst tucked away in the garage!


Unlike others on the market, FitMint car covers are specifically designed to suit the unique body lines of each make and model.
Featuring a soft fleece lining and mirror pockets; the tailored fit, look and feel makes for a very satisfiying solution.


Convenience is key, we know the struggle of keeping your car clean between events. FitMint car covers are an elegant way to save you time and hassle. Complete with a handy elastic storage bag, we've got you both covered!

Be gone with the 'wash, drive, repeat' cycle and have your car ready to show and shine anytime!


The things you love deserve your protection, including your pride and joy.

Accidental bumps and scuffs happen, but you can rest easy knowing your sleeping beauty is tucked away safe and sound.

Made to directly fit to the:

- Toyota Cressida, Mark II, Chaser - 1992-2001

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