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DGR Adjustable Coilovers - Nissan Skyline 350GT / 370GT

DGR Adjustable Coilovers - Nissan Skyline 350GT / 370GT

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DGR has some of the best suspension for general street & stance use but can be used on the track when needed however DGR offer specific track / drag / rally spec coilovers to specifically suit these motorsports. DGR has a large range of suspension for a number of different vehicle applications.

Key Features:
- ST Series
- 36-way Damping Setting
- Ride Height can be dropped between 60-100mm
- Adjust the height via the bottom mount ( no need to compress the spring )
- Made in Taiwan ( Same country of popular brands like D2, BC Gold, Yellowspeed and XYZ )

NOTE: Please advise us if you have a V35 or V36. ( V35 have fork type front lower mounts and V36 have eye type )

Made to directly fit to the:

- Nissan Skyline 350GT / 370GT / V35 & V36 Chassis's / 2001-2016
- Front top hats are pillow ball mounts (with camber adjustable )
- The Rear suspension is shock & spring seperate and are fully road legal for a cert

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