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HKS Turbo Timer X

HKS Turbo Timer X

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HKS is regarded worldwide as one of the top performance parts brands in the car world. This is now the 10th generation of Turbo Timers released by HKS and is the best one jam packed with features. A must have for any turbo vehicle for not only protecting the turbocharger, but also maintaining the temperature in a vehicle in summer and winter is possible.

- Simple after-idling function and easy operation
- Optimal touch button size for simple operation
- Wavy panel design around the button for better operability.
- Capable of operating the button even in the dark.
- Accurate setting is possible even by quick operation.
- One-digit display for easy recognition of the set time
- Time duration changed simply by pushing the button. Intuitive operations is possible.
- Selecting "OFF mode" turns off the display and buzzer.
- Maximum timer duration is 30 minutes.

Kit includes:
- HKS Turbo Timer
- Accessories for installation
- HKS part number: 41001-AK012

Made to directly fit to the:

- Any vehicle requiring a turbo timer

P.S. JDM Garage can import in any Brand New or Used HKS parts from Japan, just send us a message and we will sort you out!

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